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Situation Succ is an RPG  with a mythos inspired in part by both asian and western occult influences.   As a detective who finds himself trapped in a hotel by four evil entities, you have to use your wits and investigative abilities to try and escape.

The clock is ticking, can you find a way out by midnight or will you become just another dissapearance in hotel elysium long list of missing names?


While investigating a missing persons case you end up at the Inn Elysium, its staff are not what they appear. Trapped by these enchanting supernatural entities, they want nothing more than to make you their prey. How would you react, discovering one day that you are no longer at the top of the food chain?


Consists of searching for objects and piecing together the means to crack puzzles, find clues and ultimately  save your own life by wits alone.

If you are caught by a Succubus, you can attempt to  convince her to let you go, but be careful; the more you speak with them, the more your willpower to resist their seductive
wiles fades.

Will you be able to resist their deadly charms long enough and escape with life, and sanity, intact? Or will you be traped in a time loop of endless drain?

What is a succubus?

Our Succubi are not just pretty girls with wings – We have made them live up to their demonic name by making them as deadly as they are beautiful. Think about the manipulative lover who gradually isolates you from friends and family, making it so that she is the sole source of all happiness in your life.

But, as soon as she has your beating heart in her hands, she crushes it by revealing that it was all a game and she has never once cared for you. These are just some of the themes and dark psychology that we play with in this exciting RPG

Meet the characters



Her sister Nara / Studying human behavior


Humans creating chaos in the hotel / Modern technology / Going without “food” for a long time

Disguised as a charming and bubbly individual with a seemingly-submissive demeanor, Vili has a keen interest in the diverse array of human professions in existence. This curiosity enables her to play the role of the perfect girlfriend, feigning enthusiasm for any hobby or interest her male companion may have. She has an uncanny skill for saying just the right thing, at just the right time and pressing all of the right buttons to instill self-confidence in her victims. This deception ends with them becoming utterly smitten by her, thinking they have found “the one”.

When she finally discloses her true, hedonistic nature, most men are so thoroughly ensnared that they willingly surrender to her final, lethal embrace.



Individuals who dare to challenge her / The sight of the ocean



On the surface, Morrigan presents herself as a professional hostess and skilled hotel manager, with a demeanor so gentle and kind that it melts hearts. Underneath this tender facade lurks the sadistic mind of a succubus that revels in the thrill of seeing how much dread and despair she can draw out of a victim. Her arsenal of vicious sarcasm, ruthless mockery and cruel games make her victims feel hopeless and insignificant when the time finally comes for her to ends their suffering with terrible ecstacy.

A particularly-beloved pastime is to present her prey with the slightest sliver of a hope of escape; only for her to pull the rug out from underneath their feet and reveal the yawning abyss beneath. This makes the conquest, and the draining, all the sweeter to her twisted tastes.



Image Board Culture / Gaming and Esports


Anyone messing with her electronics

Lily is a succubus that has fully embraced human technology and the power that social media grants to those who wish to control and manipulate. To the internet world, Lily is a Vtuber who streams under the name “Sharky Shimmers.” She makes paradoxically wholesome, upbeat and life-improving content. Her real life personality is equally kind and disarming, using charm and an appearance of empathy to lure the unsuspecting into a sort of codependency with her.

Beneath this affable and charming exterior lurks a predatory mind; one singly focused on coaxing the hapless victim into falling head-over-heels in love with her. Her true ecstacy comes from watching his face writhe in torment, pleasure and despair as they realize it was all a clever ruse and she doesn’t even know his name.



Elements that stir memories of her homeland, Japan


Messing with her personal belongings

Shrouded in an air of mystery, Sora is a succubus who hides behind a mask. Her voice, a mere whisper, reaches your ears with an uncanny resonance, no matter the distance. Amid the sinister backdrop of the hotel, Sora appears to be embroiled in a feud with Morrigan. Intriguingly, she may not just be an inhabitant of this ominous place but a captive too.

Bits of lore


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